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Who are you?

We are a family business who started staging our own flips in 2010

We stage about 100/year at about $200 Mil

Own our own furniture and truck

10,000 sq. ft. warehousing in Carol Stream

Serving the Chicagoland area; Chicago and Suburbs

Licensed brokers and insured

Experienced team of designers and movers


What Service do you offer?

Transform vacant properties into model homes with Furniture, Art, Rugs and Accessories Custom designed for each property

Consultation to help with prelisting replace, repair, remove and declutter recommendations AKA:  “client homework assignments”

Designer service to select fixtures/finishes, colors, etc. for building and remodeling


What are the Benefits of staging for the Real Estate Broker?

 28% of sellers’ agents have all sellers’ homes staged prior to listing! (NAR)

Shorter listing time 28% reported slight decreased market time and 25% reported greatly decreased market time (NAR)

Satisfied Sellers, Cemented client relationships therefore Higher Commissions and More Referrals

 Higher offers:

22% of Sellers agents reported increase of 1-5% offered by buyers (NAR)

17% of Sellers agents reported increase of 6-10% offered by buyers (NAR)

Professional looking listings

Appraisers & Inspectors view as well kept/maintained


What are the Benefits of staging in general?

Capture the attention of Home buyers on the internet 95% shop online (NAR)

Get buyers interested in a showing 38% (NAR)

Keep buyers in the house longer at showings

Help buyers visualize as their future home 83% (NAR)

Help buyer overlook property faults 23% (NAR)

Hook buyers emotionally

Buyers expect homes to look like the TV shows depicting

Highlight home features

Non-Staged homes can give impression that seller may be desperate to sell


Who are your CLIENTS?

            Real Estate Investors

            Homeowners who have moved out

            Builder’s model homes



What is the Investment to stage?

Staging is an investment because there is a return. To not stage means Lower list price/offers, longer time on market and stinging price reductions

            Bundled fee ranges from $2,000 to $3,500

            Term is 3 months followed by monthly rent if needed


Which Rooms should I stage?

            Living Room 93% (NAR)

            Kitchen 84% (NAR)

            Master Bedroom 78% (NAR)

            Dining Room 72% (NAR)