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Chicagoland Home Staging Services

"The property looks gorgeous! I love the color that you used."



Looking for expert insight on how to stage your property? If you don't know where to start, our home staging consultation services will help. 

Our team of experienced designers will assess each room and provide recommendations for layout, colors, optimal furnishings, and more, helping you create a space that is more attractive to potential home buyers.

"4 offers in the first 72 hours and 15 showings in the first 4 days! Now I always use Probuy Staging!"

-Mike S.

Family owned and operated, we specialize in providing a high quality, affordable home staging solution to real estate investors.  

As real estate investors and licensed brokers ourselves, we understand the need to sell homes fast while keeping down costs. Our experienced and certified industry professionals .


"The house looks amazing!!"

-Andy A.

"This can't be right. I got 3 offers all of them the full asking price! Thanks for your help staging!"


"We got two offers and accepted one on the house yesterday. I think staging it made all the difference. Thanks!"


Home Staging

Most home buyers struggle to see a vacant property as their dream home. That's why properties end up sitting vacant for months, especially if there's awkward layout, small rooms, property shortcomings, or market competition.

Our team of designers and our vast inventory of furnishings bring purpose to rooms and life to your property, attracting home buyers faster - and often at higher sale prices.  


Canapé: (kan-uh-pe) noun.  

Bit, touch, dash, hint, sprinkling, suggestion, tidbit, wink.

Our Canapé Staging Enhancements Package provides you with accent furniture, rugs, artwork, ornaments, and decorations to spruce up your property.

Because a little bit can go a long way.